What’s better than a nine to five? It’s having content that’s on sale 24/7.

G’day,  I’m Jack Harmer,

The answer is pretty much anything I hear you say.  And I’ll be agreeing with you.

Does this sound familiar? Working for “the man” five days and sometimes more sucks the life right out of you. I did it for nearly 55 long years.

When Covid came to visit , I thought it was well past time that I looked for something else to do. Something”else” was going to be better than getting up in the dark to go to an office, work all day, and arrive home in the dark. All that had made me think was why did I bother to spend all that money on a lovely home that I never got to enjoy?

When I asked around, I discovered that I wasn’t alone in my thinking. I was one of oh-so-many who wanted something different. As I’ve said on other pages of this website, a few of us got together over some virtual coffees and Madura teas. ( It’s grown in Australia. I’m an Aussie. Nuff said) What you’re reading came out of those “virtuals”.

We all decided that we wanted one of those Passive Income things we’d all read about. But what could we do? Together but not together, if that makes any sense. Writing books was our answer. We all like different types of books. We could cater for that. We lived a long ways apart from each other. We got around that too. We could still enjoy our “”virtuals”. We had our winner.

Now we all look a bit like this

Writing our books created our passive income. If we sold our books. We could all help each other with that. This website is proof. It’s making something once and getting paid for it over and over again.

It’s doing an hour’s work and getting paid hundreds if not thousands for that time. If we’re lucky. There are very few businesses that have that ability.

A mechanic only gets paid for the time he’s working on your car.
A builder only gets paid for the house frames he puts up. The “Brickie” for the bricks he lays, and if there’s nothing to build, they’re out of work.
A cab driver only gets paid when the meter’s running, and he’s got to work long hours to make a living.
You, on the other hand, can fire up a laptop, put some words on a page, and get paid for it over and over again.

Most everybody wants to read something, sometime. Whether a paper book or on a device. The only guy who has never read anything since he left school is my brother. Not a book. Not a newspaper or magazine. Nothing. he reckons that if he can’t watch it on a screen somewhere, he doesn’t need to know about it. You tell me?

Is it easy to write a book? Nope! I’m not gonna yank your chain and tell you it is. We all had to learn a lot of things. Like  how many different types of books there are out there. The big book-store,Amazon, tells us trhat there over 12,000 different genres and sub-genres. Even sub-sub-genres. You could be all day reading through the list of them all.  We had to pick one each. Talk about lots of ideas being tossed around during our “virtuals”.

But we got there. And you will too, if writing books is what you decide that you want to do.

I’m, right now, getting paid for books I wrote last year and the year before. ….and if I said that they brought in a nice monthly sum of  dollars I wouldn’t be telling whoppers….yeah, even I find that hard to believe.

So, if you’re still in that group that thinks you need to work an hour to get an hour’s pay, you’re sadly mistaken.  It’s possible. Not easy. But it’s possible.

All you need to do is want that passive income bad enough to spend a shortish while learning what you need to know about writing books.

I’m creating a short training course about the steps you need to take. If that interests you, send me an email. Tell me what you need to know. I can include it in my training course.


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