Hello and Welcome to Jonarma Publishing. 

We are always at home to readers and writers of high quality books.

Jonarma Publishing is a consortium of writers all located in Australia. In the State of Victoria to be more specific. Although we have all originally come from some far-flung places.

Who am I, you ask. I’m Jack Harmer. I look after things around here. Including the other writers when they need a hand doing something or other. Among other things, I look after all of our subscribers and make sure that our newsletters and  free stories go out where and when they should. I also write my own books when time permits.

What are we all about, you might also ask. That’s a fairly simple question to answer as well. We’ve learned to write and publish our own books. And we want to teach others to write their own books too. If that’s what floats their boat.

Why are we all working together is perhaps another question. The answer to it is again simple.  Since we all come from diverse backgrounds and activities, some of us have more time than others. Some of us are retired, others would prefer to be, while at least one is working towards that. We are all avid readers. Remember that we mostly come from an era when television was in its infancy. Before the world of the Internet and smart phones that could stream movies and television shows. Yet we all love to tell stories and share information. Since one of us had already sat down and dreamed up a world for our characters to inhabit, we all decided that it would be good if all of our stories could somehow relate to each other.

We all write our stories in different genres. So we sat down over one of our innumerable cups of virtual coffee to talk it over. (As an aside, we may be mainly older folks but we do know how to live in today’s digital world).  We all decided that our  fictional “world” was going to be in some ways like a traditional village. Inhabited by folk from all walks of life. All races and traditions.  All villages are like melting pots. There are good and bad, young and old, and there are different races and creeds. Because we write in different genres, we are able to write stories about all kinds of people. Like the old movie, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”.

Being able to write our stories all pretty much located in our single world is something that we rather like. We decided that we could “borrow” characters from each other if that would assist our own stories to develop. And it was often fun when a character created by one of us was used to do or say something that had not occurred to the original creator of the character.  Doing this has allowed us to develop our characters even more fully. Something that we think of as an unexpected bonus.

What is the style of our stories is yet another question to be answered. Again simple enough. Without laboring the point that we are mostly not as young as we’d sometimes like to be, we all have a desire to leave behind us a legacy of great stories for you and others to read. Now and in the future.  So we all decided that our books would all be shorter rather than longer. Not all just short stories although we will all be writing those. But we would all aim to write novella length stories as a maximum. We decided that by doing that, we would be able to get a lot more stories written for you to read. More bang for your buck, so to speak.

Finally let me say that the format of our books will lean towards digital. Although some of our books will be in the form of journals and the like. Which lend themselves more to being physical in nature.  We plan to offer you, our subscribers and readers, as much variety as we possibly can.

Please join our list of Subscribers.

We will be offering subscribers regular short stories that will often be written by one of us just for them. So they will have a high degree of exclusivity. You will also be given advance notice about when new books will be published and when existing books might be available for free.

Please look around and come back often.

Jack and the team at Jonarma Publishing


G’day, I’m Jack Harmer

jack Harmer

I started writing after I retired. At first I just played with the idea of being an author. I wrote a few short stories for my grandkids and found that I liked telling stories.

For the next little while I thought a lot about what kinds of stories I wanted to write and where I wanted them to be located. Before I had the chance to overcome my years-long ability to procrastinate and make any definite decisions the pandemic was upon us. I, along with many others, found myself locked down. With plenty of time on my hands.

I used the time to decide that my stories would be set in a world of my own at a time not too far into the future. To allow my mind to roam where it would when I wrote my stories.

My stories are all shorter. Or shorter-ish. If that’s  word? Deliberately because I want to get as many stories published as possible.

I enjoy a chat so pIease call by often.


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