Why Your Reader Should Decide the Genre of Your Story

Why Let Readers Decide  Which Subgenre You Will Write In?   Writing fiction stories generally means you will need to stick to one main genre. Not just so you do not confuse your readers, but also to make it easier for you to craft at least one complete and coherent story. G’day. I’m Jack Harmer […]

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6 Steps to Writing Your Short story

What Steps Do I Need to Follow to Write My Short Story? The way a story is written does depend to some extent on its word count or length. Writing a short story is similar but still different  in many ways to writing a novel.   G’day. I’m Jack Harmer The way a story is […]

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What’s better Than a 9 to 5?

What’s better than a nine to five? It’s having content that’s on sale 24/7. G’day,  I’m Jack Harmer, The answer is pretty much anything I hear you say.  And I’ll be agreeing with you. Does this sound familiar? Working for “the man” five days and sometimes more sucks the life right out of you. I did […]

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