Bronn’s Blog

Hello, I’m Bronn Francis.


I like to write short romantic fiction. I started to write after I gracefully offered to retired from my day-job when the pandemic hit my community. I soon became bored witless. When a friend of a friend, Jack Harmer sent his emissary Jonson to ask whether I wanted to try my hand at writing stories I said why not.

A few virtual getting to know each coffees later, Jack offered me the use of a virtual world he had created to set my stories in. Then added the cameo use of some of his characters to get me started.

And provided that I allowed him to use some of my characters in the same way.

We’re both hoping that another new author will join us. That’s for the future.

To date, my stories are short.  And will likely stay that way. I like the idea of seeing the end in sight as soon as I type the first word on my story.

Please drop by as often as you like. I’d be glad to chat