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 Author: Bronn Francis  Category: Short BBW Romance  Publisher: Jonarma Publishing  Published: 09/09/2020  ISBN: 9781393125549  Tags: Fiction Books |  Download

Connie Dalton is home after twenty years in the Australian Army. The last eight as a member of the Australian Peacekeeping Force during the global atrocities that had become known as the Reprisals.

Her 182cm height and matching stature was an asset in the army. At home not so much. She could look after herself but having a protector would be welcomed.

She wanted to slow down and relax. Stop and read a lot of her favourite BBW Romances. Except that she couldn’t find any.

So she did what her army training had taught her to do. If you can’t find one…then make one.

Then she found another thing she hadn’t known she was looking for. Making her life even more perfect.

This short story of 12,000 words is set in the 2050’s. So it could happen.