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Author: Bronn Francis Category: Short BBW Romance Publisher: Jonarma Publishing Published: 01 Oct, 2020 ISBN: 9781393714859 Pages: 47 Country: Australia Language: English Dimension: File Size: 1522kb Tags:Fiction Books | Download

Veronica worked in the Bookcase for her big sister Constance. Everything was good …
The Reprisals were over and things were starting to settle down again. Mostly. Unless you were a third child.

Veronica even finished her Journalism Degree. Now she was expected to use it. She knew how…
She’d write books about BBW women like her and her sisters…Easy. She only needed a muse…

Then HE came along. Her perfect hero…. her perfect match. Him liking her stories was the big bonus.

This story is set in the 2050’s so it could happen

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