Bronn Francis

Bronn was born in Scandinavia and came to Australia with her parents as a child. Her father was an engineer who went wherever work took him. So she attended many different schools in lots of places. She spend 3 years in El Salvadore in South America, where she learned a lot about the different animals that lived there. Knowledge that has formed the background to some of her books. Australia was her father’s last posting, so she stayed here and completed her schooling in Brisbane. When she married the love of her life, he was from Melbourne so she followed him.

Because of her nomadic life, making lifelong friends was never easy while she was younger so she did what so many do, she began to amass a circle of imaginary friends. She often included animals in that circle of friends. Animals who could do almost anything. It is out of these that her book characters eventually came into being.

Bronn lives in Gippsland, east of Melbourne with her husband, two daughters and a son. Along with a menagerie of pets. For whom she acts as unpaid staff.

Recent Books

Bronn has  just finished a series of short BBW romances based on the people who own or  visit a local bookstore. The series are set in Australia a few decades in the future. After a global holocaust that left vast numbers dead or homeless if they were lucky. The world is the creation of Bronn’s friend Jack Harmer who has allowed her to use his creation. For which she’s grateful.

My current project is another BBW series.  This one features the world of fashion for Plus-Sized women.

Bronn’s books are available on Amazon Kindle at present but will shortly be made available on other platforms. You will find links to her books in the Bookstore on this website.

Please enjoy Bronn’s stories. Give her a 5-star review if you like them. She’ll be really grateful for them.