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Lynette Book Cover


in the years following the Reprisals, the world was rebuilding. Australia was too. Lesley had her own rebuilding to do. After a disastrous marriage that never was. What she encountered when she made the move to Wannon Rise startled her. Not only a new town with new friends. But a new business. And a new […]

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Denise Book Cover


Denise had just escaped a disastrous marriage and needed a new start. But where.The reprisals had turned the world into a global disaster zone. A phone call to her cousin Constance led her to an opportunity to re-kindle her interior decorating career. A decision to have lunch in a local park led her to pick […]

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Veronica Book cover


Veronica worked in the Bookcase for her big sister Constance. Everything was good … The Reprisals were over and things were starting to settle down again. Mostly. Unless you were a third child. Veronica even finished her Journalism Degree. Now she was expected to use it. She knew how… She’d write books about BBW women […]

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Catherine Book Cover


Catherine Esdaile was used to being the big curvy woman in the rooml. To being all alone in the world. Or so she thought until her agent and best friend sent her to sign books in the countryside of another State. There she came across not one but several huge surprises. Not only wasn’t she […]

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