Jack Harmer

Jack Harmer ImageJack Harmer is a grandfather who lives in the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, in Australia.

Originally a Queenslander, he came to live in Victoria as a child. Despite stints overseas and back in Queensland, he considers Victoria to be his home State. And Melbourne his home town.

He has written children’s stories to amuse his grandchildren. Along with all young children who are trying their wings at learning to read. He was a teacher in his younger days as well as being an avid reader. For him, becoming lost in a story is one of life’s great pleasures.

Ever his favourite type of story, Jack now writes mysteries and police procedurals. All based in Australian locations.

Jack’s wife won’t let him tell you how long she’s been putting up with him. That they have grandchildren should give you a clue. Both enjoy spoiling their grandchildren then giving them back to their parents. Jack  says payback is awesome.

Recent Books

Jack is currently writing a series of police-procedurals with a difference. All relatively short. Not much violence. Set in an Australian countryside as Jack envisages it might be thirty years hence. Featuring a group of detectives that are themselves different. From the normal hard-boiled cops that you read about in many police-procedurals. Jack is hopeful the first story in the series will be published before the end of 2020